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Keeping On Top of Your Portfolio

Having set up your asset allocation at outset, it is then important to keep on top of it to ensure your portfolio does not move far off track. Undertaking regular reviews will therefore enable you to keep an eye on things and make small changes if they are needed. 

They also act as milestones to ensure that, as your target date approaches, the portfolio can be re-aligned to consolidate gains and reduce exposure to potentially damaging last minute downturns.


Reviews do not have to be lengthy – you just need to make sure your goals are still in sight and that the underlying risk levels remain acceptable. 

What Your Review Includes

At A&J Wealth Management, we make this process very simple for our clients. We collate all the fund performance information, provide feedback on market developments and make any recommendations we believe are in your best interests. ​

This takes the pain out of such reviews and provides the basis for helping to keep your money on track in pursuit of those long term objectives.

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